Messenger of The Truth - Winner of the 2014 Christopher Award
in the TV/Cable category

"Let's see how much NATO is worth"
– interview with Lech Wałesa, Poland’s former President, Peace Nobel Prize winner, Leader of ‘Solidarity’

PBS Air Dates
MESSENGER of the TRUTH will have a virtual simulcast on PBS stations via public television's WORLD channels

Sunday June 1st @ 8 pm + midnight (east coast )
Sunday June 1st @ 5 pm + 9 pm (west coast)
CALos AngelesKLCSApril, 20th 2014 5:30PM
CASan FranciscoKRCBApril, 27th 2014 10:30PM
CODenverCPT12May, 2nd 2014 7:00PM
FLJacksonvilleWJCTApril, 20th 2014 3:00PM
ILChicagoWTTWApril, 20th 2014 5:30PM
ILChicagoWTTWApril, 24th 2014 3:30AM
MIDetroitWTVSApril, 13th 2014 4:00PM
MTMissoulaKUFM / KSKC-CAApril, 21st 2014 4:00AM
MTBillingsKBGSApril, 21st 2014 4:00AM
MTBozemanKUSMApril, 21st 2014 4:00AM
MTGreat FallsKUGFApril, 21st 2014 4:00AM
NMPortalesKENWDT2April, 7th 2014 9:00PM
OHDaytonWPTDApril, 13th 2014 1:00PM
OKTulsaKOEDDT2April, 19th 2014 5:30PM
OKOklahoma CityKETADT2April, 19th 2014 5:30PM
SCRock HillSCETV's WNSCApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCGreenwoodSCETV's WNEHApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCSpartanburgSCETV's WRETApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCGreenvilleSCETV's WNTVApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCBeaufortSCETV's WJWJApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCSumterSCETV's WRJAApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCAllendaleSCETV's WEBAApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCColumbiaSCETV's WRLKApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCConwaySCETV/WHMCApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCCharlestonSCETV's WITVApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
SCFlorenceSCETV/WJPMApril, 30th 2014 6:00AM
TXAmarillo / Portales NMKENWDT2April, 7th 2014 9:00PM
WIMilwaukeeWMVSApril, 1st 2014 10:00PM
WIMilwaukeeWMVS/WMVTApril, 6th 2014 10:00AM

We are thrilled to announce Golden Globe winner and Catholic pro-life activist Martin Sheen has joined the Messenger of the Truth project. Sheen recently completed the voiceover narration on Messenger of the Truth, which documents the story of human rights activist and Polish martyr, Father Jerzy Popieluszko.

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"Messenger of the Truth is a remarkable true story of a Solidarity era martyr, Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. This film is a must see documentary for all who believe in the rights of Religious Liberty, the dignity of the human person, and those who are lovers of freedom and defenders of the truth."

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
"To the voices of peace we must lend a hand up
so that someone will listen and take notice.
And just maybe that someone will make a difference
in our lives that are surpassed with non truth."
- Ben Vereen